Mastectomy & Lymphedema Care

Soft Touch Mastectomy offers a wide selection of caring services including Breast Forms Lingerie, and Lymphedema services.

Soft Touch Mastectomy was founded by owner and medical director Alla Hardoon and originated as an extension of Care-Med Ltd.

Alla has over 14 years of extensive health care experience in Toronto. She acquired her first medical degree in 1988 as a Registered Nurse. She continued her studies in the fields of internal medicine, orthopedics, biomechanics, Primary and Secondary Lymphedema, Post Mastectomy Care, and specializes in Oncology Lymphedema.

Alla is currently a public speaker and educator on the subject of medical compression wear in the field of primary and secondary Lymphedema

With her skilled and compassionate medical team, Alla provides an extraordinarily comforting and nourishing space for everyone. Her quality of care is superior, and she will always go above the call of duty, to ensure that everyone is cared for.

Soft Touch is ADP (Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care), ODSP (Ontario Disability Support Program), Insurance Company approved Fitter and Vendor.

Alla Hardoon
Alla HardoonFounder, Soft Touch Mastectomy

Meet Our Team

Mizra De Vera

Mizra De Vera: Office Administrator

Mizra has been with our team since 2019.  She graduated with honors in business management and accounting, in addition to her Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from (Philippines). Her confidence, positive attitude, and ability to work in harmony with her colleagues is an integral part of our clinic’s atmosphere.

Mizra’s love and compassion for those experiencing lymphedema is rooted in her own personal experiences and makes her an ideal addition to the SoftTouch/CareMed team.

Elizabeth Moring

Elizabeth Moring: Medical Office Administration

Elizabeth is friendly, passionate, caring and puts her best qualities at work at Care-Med Ltd and Soft Touch, Mastectomy, always there for all our patients.

Her motto is: “I consider patients/clients happiness my success“.

Girly Fulig- Mabborang

Girly Fulig- Mabborang: Personal Assistant

Graduated with medical background as Midwife, Assistant Pharmacist and recently graduated as a Physiotherapy Assistant and Occupational Therapist Assistant in Ontario, Canada.

I enjoy working in this field of industry, I demonstrate compassion, empathy and diligence in encounter with patients/clients. I showed leadership,ownership and teamwork with the whole team. Indeed I proved to be a good professional.

Mastectomy Boutique

From our personal day to day experience we know how challenging it can be for women with healthy breasts to get the right fit, a well-fitting bra is essential, especially for those who have undergone mastectomy or reconstruction after breast cancer.

Post-mastectomy and lumpectomy procedures vary. Some women opt for a prosthesis, which is essentially a breast form (silicone, foam or fiber-fill) that is placed inside of a bra or attached to the chest wall. Other women choose to undergo surgical reconstruction that will involve the insertion of an implant.

All at the end need properly fitted bra to avoid any possible complications, feel and look great. Best fitted bra and proper fitted breast form, helps bring back confidants. John Hopkins Medicine advises that mastectomy boutiques and specialty shops carry a variety of prosthetics and garments. Certified and properly trained fitters, who are skilled at fitting women who have undergone treatment for breast cancer, are big part of women’s future new journey.

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