Lymphedema Compression Garments custom fitted for every area of the body that may be afflicted by lymphedema, and you can have your choice of style and fit.

Lohmann & Rauscher Compression Garments

Solaris CollectionTM

The Solaris Collection™ is designed by lymphedema therapists through patient feedback, providing a range of products that supports lymphedema treatment from intensive phase all the way through self-management with daytime, nighttime, custom, and off-the-shelf solutions.


JOBST Medical Compression

JOBST® specializes in improving the quality of life for those suffering from venous & lymphatic diseases. 

Mediven Compression Garments

Medical compression stockings for men and women

Mediven compression stockings for your everyday, daily needs. Several choices of products, classes, compression and colours in a variety of styles that match your lifestyle.


Medi offers a complete range of compression knitwear, 4 choices of circular knit and 4 choices of flat knit, always aiming to offer a variety of choices that best meet the needs of the patient.

CircAid by Medi

Measured Inelastic compression therapy for venous disease and lymphedema.

The Marena Group, LLC

The Marena Group

Marena provides medical-grade compression wear, featuring post-operative garments, compression shapewear, compression activewear, and more.


Lymphedema Compression Garments from Juzo

Large selection of Lymphedema compression garments and support stockings, compression tights and a wide variety of other medical products is exemplary and assists patients with oedema, varicose veins, thrombosis, as a preventive and during sports activities.


Compression Stockings and Support Hosiery

SOLIDEA has revolutionized the concept of elastic stockings, offering collections of graduated compression fashion stockings and tights that combine prevention of circulatory disorders with elegance, softness and a stylish perfect fit.


Lymphedema Products

Sigvaris compression solutions help you to go easily through your day. To feel strong and secure. They give you the comfort to do everything you want, and they cater to your way of life.


Thuasne Lymphedema Compression Garments

Thuasne endeavours to constantly perfect its products, in order to meet the expectations of today’s patients – who have become “actients” or active players in their own health – and offer them appropriate treatment solutions.

Fast’n Go Hybrid Bandaging

Fast’n Go Hybrid Bandaging

Fast’n Go Hybrid Bandaging is the first single-layer multi-component hybrid bandaging kits designed specifically for self-bandaging and homecare.

 LIPOELASTIC Post-Operative Compression Bras

LIPOELASTIC Post-Operative Compression Bras

Premium post-surgical compression garments for liposuction, tummy tuck, breast augmentation, mastopexy, fat grafting, gynecomastia, brachioplasty, and more.

Compression Donning Videos

How to apply JOBST® FarrowWrap®

Medical Compression Stocking

Flat Knit Medical Sleeve

Mastectomy Boutique

From our personal day to day experience we know how challenging it can be for women with healthy breasts to get the right fit, a well-fitting bra is essential, especially for those who have undergone mastectomy or reconstruction after breast cancer.

Post-mastectomy and lumpectomy procedures vary. Some women opt for a prosthesis, which is essentially a breast form (silicone, foam or fiber-fill) that is placed inside of a bra or attached to the chest wall. Other women choose to undergo surgical reconstruction that will involve the insertion of an implant.

All at the end need properly fitted bra to avoid any possible complications, feel and look great. Best fitted bra and proper fitted breast form, helps bring back confidants. John Hopkins Medicine advises that mastectomy boutiques and specialty shops carry a variety of prosthetics and garments. Certified and properly trained fitters, who are skilled at fitting women who have undergone treatment for breast cancer, are big part of women’s future new journey.