Mastectomy Breast Forms, Bras, Post-Surgery Camisoles, and Compression Bras

Restore your natural silhouette and confidence

Soft Touch Mastectomy certified ADP Lymphedema Fitter will listen to your needs and will provide the perfect fit to help you transition to post-mastectomy life with grace and beauty. We offer a wide variety of beautiful styles, fabrics, and colours of mastectomy bras and breast form prosthesis. Our post-mastectomy Breast Forms & Bras restore the natural look of one or both breasts.

We support all our clients through their journey to restore their beauty and confidence.

Trulife Mastectomy Breast Forms and Bras

Trulife Mastectomy Bras

Trulife breast prosthesis bras offer a comprehensive selection of comfortable post mastectomy underwired bras, front and back closure hook and M-frame bras. Mastectomy bras are designed to conceal and secure your breast prostheses in the bra while maintaining your confidence and comfort.

Trulife Mastectomy Breast Forms

Trulife breast forms provide a comfortable, durable, and affordable solution for women recovering from a mastectomy. Natural, lightweight, and comfortable to restore femininity.

American Breast Care Mastectomy Bras and Forms

American Breast Care Mastectomy Bras

American Breast Care (ABC) breast prosthesis bras provide versatility and extensive comfort. Designed for women after undergoing a mastectomy or other form of breast cancer surgery.

American Breast Care Breast Forms

American Breast Care forms are made of the highest quality materials and are completely customizable to provide maximum comfort. Designed for women who want to replace the fullness of an entire breast after breast surgery

Anita Rosa Faia Mastectomy Breast Forms and Bras

Anita Rosa Faia Mastectomy Bras

Anita Rosa Faia highly functional and fashionable post-surgical Bras by Anita conceal the breast prosthesis and give it the perfect support and the best fit. Every Anita breast prosthesis bra has a soft cotton, micro modal or microfibre prosthesis pocket.

Anita Rosa Faia Mastectomy Breast Forms

The skin friendly mastectomy breast prosthesis and compensatory cups by Anita Rosa Faia are very similar in softness and weight to natural breasts. Anita breast forms features patented microfiber technology with a breathable back for a comfortable feel.

 LIPOELASTIC Post-Operative Compression Bras

LIPOELASTIC Post-Operative Compression Bras

LIPOELASTIC Post-Operative Compression Bras are ideal for use during the first phase of post-operative care after breast surgery (augmentation, reduction, mammoplasty, breast reconstruction or mastopexy).