Lipedema Garments and Compression Therapy are pivotal treatment options for Lipedema

Soft Touch Mastectomy is an approved vendor and fitter for Lipedema Garments

Lipedema Garments and Compression Therapy provide a potent remedy for lipedema, aiming to curtail fluid accumulation, boost blood circulation, and diminish swelling and discomfort in impacted areas. Beyond lipedema, these treatments also serve those with varicose veins, lymphedema, and deep vein thrombosis.

Understanding Lipedema

Lipedema is a persistent condition marked by unusual fat deposits in the legs and arms, especially around the hips, thighs, and buttocks. Though often mistaken for obesity, a suite of treatments including compression therapy, lipedema garments, sequential compression pump, liposuction, manual lymphatic drainage, and proper diet and exercise can help manage its effects.

Identifying Lipedema

  • Symmetrical fat accumulation in legs and hips.
  • Legs and hips noticeably larger compared to other body parts.
  • Pain or tenderness in affected regions.
  • Proneness to bruising.
  • Challenges with weight loss in affected areas.

Benefits of Lipedema Garments and Compression Therapy

Utilizing garments like compression stockings or leggings applies targeted pressure to the legs. This is essential to curbing fluid buildup, bolstering blood flow, and lessening discomfort and swelling. Such therapy can stall or mitigate the spread of lipedema while enhancing the appearance of affected parts.

Compression varies in intensity, with higher grades applying more pressure. Consulting medical experts, be it physicians or certified fitters, is crucial in choosing the right compression. Properly fitted garments ensure both comfort and the right level of compression.

Lipedema Garments and Compression Therapy

Your Healing Journey

At Soft Touch Mastectomy, we understand the challenges and pain Lipedema brings.

As an approved vendor and fitter of compression therapy garments for Lipedema patients, we are committed to providing tailored solutions with a professional fitting. This ensures accurate measurements and the appropriate compression type/degree, as well as the best style tailored to the individual.

Lipedema might be challenging, but it needn’t dictate your life.


JOBST Medical Compression

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Mediven Compression Garments

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Medi offers a complete range of compression knitwear, 4 choices of circular knit and 4 choices of flat knit, always aiming to offer a variety of choices that best meet the needs of the patient.

CircAid by Medi

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The Marena Group, LLC

The Marena Group

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Lymphedema Compression Garments from Juzo

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Compression Stockings and Support Hosiery

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Fast’n Go Hybrid Bandaging

Fast’n Go Hybrid Bandaging

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 LIPOELASTIC Post-Operative Compression Bras

LIPOELASTIC Post-Operative Compression Bras

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